Why is it important to wear a sports bra for yoga?

Yoga has become more familiar these recent years as it aims to nurture harmony in every element. Whether you're joining for a class or simply following a Youtube session from home, its important to wear a comfortable outfit, including a sports bra. In this article, we’re digging deeper into why its important to wear a sports bra for yoga.

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It helps to avoid pain or long term injuries

Choosing the right clothing for our fitness session also works as an investment. Wearing the right sports bra for yoga ensures not only comfort but also serves as a form of double self-care. Starting a healthy lifestyle is as important as being able to do it for as long as we can. Some of the downsides of not wearing a sports bra during your yoga session are injuries around your back or neck. This is far from our goal of wanting a healthy body.

Breast support is essential when you’re doing any physical activities. Wearing a sports bra will cut the risk that may surface later. A suitable sports bra will help you achieve your goals, boost your performance, and drop discomfort. In the long term, it keeps your body safe from any form of physical injury. We sure do not want back pain or neck pain as the repercussions of healthy behavior.


Maximizing room for movements

One of the main things we do in yoga is stretching. Doing the right stretch will help optimize the benefit you seek from yoga. While it doesn’t require many movements, wearing a sports bra will aid maximize room for movements. Some of the motions still require flexibility. That’s why it’s important to note that your fabric doesn’t constrict much of your movement.


Staying in style

Sports bras come in different models these days, as you can see in YogaMatto sports bra collection. With so many options of fun bright colors and still preserving its main purpose, it wouldn’t hurt to stay in style. Picking a sports bra that matched best with who you are can fulfill the function of a secret weapon to boost your confidence. Or, it can pretty much work as a self-serving satisfaction, like picking the right outfit for your day!


Different types of sports bra for specific activities

Yoga is not the type of workout that requires heavy movement or much jostling of your breasts. But its still important to wear a sports bra as it may differ from other bras we wear daily. Although there are none yoga-specific sports bra, wearing one should benefit you. Especially when it comes to comfort around the front, back, and shoulder area.

A yogi would need a different type of bra compared to the ones worn by runners or dancers, considering its low-intensity workout. Yoga practices demand low-impact physical activities, postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. These practices allow you to get away with wearing thinner, stylish sports bras that don't look like typical padded ones. Here are a few tips in choosing a sports bra:

Know your body

When choosing a sports bra, it’s important to know what your body needs. Different sizes of breasts required different sports bras to ensure support and comfort. Look for cup lining to prevent overexposure and adjustable straps to customize the fit. Besides, back and side mesh panels are always handy as it helps reduce weight. Here are some of the tips in choosing a sports bra according to your breasts size:

· Small breasts

Sports bra emphasizing breast compression works best for women with small breasts. It restricts movements as it compresses breasts against the chest wall. Women with small breasts also have more options in how much back and shoulder support they need. For this, we recommend our Kokoro Sports Bra or Mayu Sports Bra.

· Medium breasts

If you go with C or D cup range, you need a sports bra that combines both compression and encapsulation. It helps the breasts held close to the chest wall as well as adding support to the breasts. Encapsulation bras also support each bra with the help of individual cups. Consider getting one form our Himari Sports Bra collection!

· Large breasts

For women with larger bust sizes, thick elastic bands, higher necklines, and overlapping strap details will work as more support. It allows your chest to make room for movements, especially when the expansion of the chest occurs during Pranayam. Lucky for you, we have just the right one in our collection. We highly recommend Kanako Sports Bra.

Pay attention to the material

Even though yoga is considered a low-impact workout, it’s important to pick a certain set of materials. Thin fabrics that come with moisture management and abrasion resistance is best used to avoid any chafing. One of the main activities in yoga is to do proper breathing. This shouldn’t only apply to your lungs but also your skin! You wouldn’t want to wear anything that traps the sweat—yes, yogis sweat!—and cause you derm problems in the long run.


Wearing a sports bra for yoga IS important

Beyond comfort and confidence, wearing a sports bra can help you prevent unwanted downsides. As a type of sport that emphasizes breathing exercises, the importance of wearing a sports bra for yoga can contribute to your physical condition in the long run. We wear it to avoid possible affliction that may surface if we don’t pay enough attention to our body’s comfort. Especially in the chest area.

Next time you’re in for a bag of new sports bras, make sure you know what your body needs. Catering to your breast size is an important note in choosing your sports bra. Whichever size your breasts fall in the spectrum, we encourage you to pick the best fitting sports bra for your upcoming yoga class. Namaste!

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