How to choose yoga clothes for hot yoga

For those who didn’t know, hot yoga is done in a heated room. This warms up your muscles more than any other type of yoga. Doing regular hot yoga practice gives you not only physical benefits but also mental benefits. It will improve your muscle flexibility and strength, reduce stress, remove your pain, and more. Needless to say, hot yoga makes you sweat a lot during and after exercise. For this reason, you need to wear the right yoga clothes for hot yoga. The right outfit helps prevent injuries while providing comfort and style!

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What you need

In a hot yoga class, you’ll spend sixty to ninety minutes in a heated room. If this is your first class, you may not know what you should wear. Most hot yoga practitioners prefer to wear form-fitting clothes. Light and breathable fabrics are preferable as they help evaporate moisture off your skin.


The perfect clothes should support your moves. Most importantly, they should feel comfortable on your body and keep you cool during these practices. Many yoga clothes are made of the combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They give maximum comfort, flexibility, and breathability.


What to wear

Choose function over fashion for any of your workout outfits. You need something to optimize the benefits of intense hot yoga classes. If you wear something uncomfortable, whether it’s too tight or too loose clothes, it won’t help you stay focus. And worse, you may not perform your moves correctly. Here are a few things to help you in choosing yoga clothes for hot yoga.

Shirts or tank tops

Wear a light top that supports your body. Form-fitting t-shirts or tank tops that fit right around your hips and waist are the best choices. These will keep them from covering your face on bending postures. Tank tops also give your arms more freedom to move and more airflow to your torso.


Choose soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics for a quick-dry during your sweaty class. You can also wear tank tops with built-in bras. We recommend Fuyu Tank and Gen Tank from our collection!



  • Avoid wearing cotton and loose tops. They absorb sweat and stay wet, which may end up sticking to your skin. Loose tops may cover your face when you twist, flip upside down, or bend.
  • Also, it’s not recommended to wear low-cut and light see-through.
  • Don’t wear tops with tags. They may result in discomfort, itchiness, and even chafing.


Pants or shorts

For your hot yoga classes, look for yoga pants or shorts that give you flexibility, comfort, and breathability. The combination of nylon-polyester-spandex lets you move flexible, and they wick sweats. You can find multiple styles of yoga pants and shorts with varying lengths and fits. Shorts is the most comfortable as they keep you cool during your practice.


That being said, longer coverage can be a bonus as the fabric helps to keep you from slipping off your sweaty arms and legs. For less slipping when you're stretching and bending, you can wear high-waisted leggings or pants, like Sota Legging. If you prefer shorts, you can try Chiaki Shorts. It’s breathable, comfortable, and not very stretchy.



  • Avoid wearing too thin and see-through and saggy pants or shorts.
  • Cotton material is not recommended, as it absorbs your sweat, becomes heavy, and makes you feel hotter.


Sports bra

Yes, ladies! It’s important to wear a sports bra for yoga. It keeps everything in place among many other benefits. You will also need sports bras that wick moisture for less sweat. The anti-bacterial feature is always a plus. Make sure each pair you buy is lightweight and breathable as well. It’s your choice to wear sports bras alone or wear them with a tank top or t-shirt. Or you can wear shirts and tops that come with built-in bras.



During a hot yoga class, you’ll have the entire 60 to 90 minutes of movement and sweating. Some moisture-wicking base layer for your comfort is essential. Buy undies that don’t rub or move too much. Or you can also wear pants or leggings without underwear.


**Don’ts: Avoid cotton or lacy underwear. They breathe well, but they also absorb sweat. And it makes them heavy and don’t dry quickly. 



To keep your feet from slipping on the mat, you can wear socks while practicing hot yoga. Choose socks with dots on the bottom to prevent sliding or yoga-toe socks. Something lightweight is preferable.



To avoid drop-changing weather from your class to outdoor, you can opt to have a sweater or jacket with you. It helps you, especially during winter, when you need to do some errands after a sweaty class.  


How to take care of your yoga clothes

When you buy yoga clothes, check the washing instructions each has. Pay attention to these to prolong your apparel’s quality. Turn your outfits inside out and wash them in cold water, never in hot water. You can tumble dry on a low setting or just hang them to dry. Separate items with zippers to prevent them from snagging the soft fabrics.


It’s time to pick your yoga clothes for hot yoga

There’s nothing more fulfilling than finally racking all the benefits from a rewarding hot yoga session. And being comfortable in your yoga clothes for hot yoga will help you achieve a better workout. For a short practice, it’s fine to wear regular yoga clothes, such as simple shorts and tank tops. But, for intense hot yoga classes, you’ll need something more. Thus, proper outfits to withstand the heat and sweat are important.


Choose a lightweight and breathable material for hot yoga. Comfort is a must, but style and durability should never be compromised! Check out our catalog for all of these and more!

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