Here's why probiotics are good!

We know the importance of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. But did you know that you also need enough probiotics? In a nutshell, probiotics are some kind of bacteria living in your gut. Many of us associate bacteria as a cause of diseases. However, there are two kinds of bacteria living in our body: the good and the bad. And probiotics are the good ones! Keep reading to find out why probiotics are good for your body.

There are hundreds of different microorganisms in your body. Ranging from bacteria, viruses, to yeasts. Bacteria are the vast majority of microorganisms living in your body. Each group of bacteria has its own roles. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the most common groups of probiotics.

With enough probiotics, your body is supported to prevent diseases. Probiotics work hard to fight the bad bacteria. When you don’t have enough, your body is at risk of some health problems. The most common are digestive and immune issues. Consuming probiotics helps your body fights these. Besides, they pack tons of health benefits. What are probiotics benefits? Here are some of them!

Here's why probiotics are good!

1. Improved digestive system

Probiotics can help improve your digestion by restoring gut bacteria balance. Poor diet, imbalance lifestyle, and medications are the main cause of gut bacteria imbalance. Too many bad bacteria can cause some issues like slow digestion, stomachache, and allergies. Consuming food that contains probiotics makes a better digestive system. And an improved digestive system isn’t only good for your gut, it influences your overall health. This should be enough to convince you of why probiotics are good.

2. Better mental health

This might sound unrelated, but a study found that probiotics CAN affect your mental health. The amount of good bacteria is linked to a better mental state for some. It helps reduce anxiety and depression levels while making you feel more energized. Having more energy will put you in a better mood. And a good mood (and a yoga mat) is all you need for a rejuvenating yoga session!

The study was conducted by supplementing subjects with probiotics for 1-2 months. By the end of the study, it showed an outstanding result. They scored significantly lower in stress and anxiety levels. Not only that, but they also showed huge improvements in nervous system functions. Several conditions like autism and OCD are also affected greatly through this study.

3. Lower cholesterol

By reducing the amount of bad cholesterol, probiotics promote better heart health. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Getting enough probiotics can lower the levels of bad cholesterol, LDL. A study was conducted with 127 people with high cholesterol levels. They were asked to consume lactobacillus supplements daily. After 9 weeks, their overall cholesterol level drops 9%. This is a significant factor as to why probiotics are good.

4. Boost immune system

While antibiotics kill all types of bacteria, including the good ones, probiotics work differently. Probiotics only kill bad bacteria and replace it with more beneficial bacteria. Probiotics can also protect you from infection and inflammation. Making your body’s immunity system stronger! 80% of immune cells live in your gut. In a way, a healthy gut will result in strong immunity. And probiotics will help your immune system combat viruses and infections. Besides, they promote the production of natural antibodies.

5. Get rid of stubborn belly fat

Looking for a way to lose weight? Just consume more foods that are rich in probiotics! How does this work? Probiotics can reduce your body’s absorption level of fat and excrete it through body waste instead. No more excess fat stored in your body!

Probiotics also help to break down some type of fiber that your body can’t handle by itself. With probiotics, more fiber turned into a more beneficial substance like butyrate.

Another study showed that after taking probiotics supplements for 12 weeks, human BMI improved. And their belly fat was reduced by 8.5%. And when they stopped taking probiotics, they gained back the fat just in one month. Making this study more accurate. So if you’ve been frustrated with weight loss, consider consuming more probiotics soon!

6. Flawless skin

Yup, the benefits of probiotics don’t stop in your gut! It can also reach the surface of your body, making your skin look better. Turns out, probiotics can also be useful to treat some skin disorders, from a wound to eczema. Also, it’s proven to have a huge role in clearing acne. For those who struggle with an uphill battle against bad acne, this can be your magic potion! Just try it yourself and see how your skin improves over time.

How can you get enough probiotics?

Now that you know why probiotics are good, it’s time to incorporate them into your diet. There are 2 ways to get probiotics: by eating foods that are rich in probiotics or taking probiotics supplements. If we have to choose, the natural way is always preferable. By consuming probiotics naturally, you also prevent any side effects.

Probiotics can be found in fermented food. Side dishes like pickles or kimchi are some of the main sources. They’re commonly found and easy to mix with your daily meals. And they’re great to eat both before and after yoga.

You can also add tempeh to your lunch or dinner. Cheese lovers should top more mozzarella or cottage cheese. Fancy some sweet desserts? Always choose desserts that are made of yogurt. Yogurt is very rich in friendly bacteria. The best part is: you can find a yogurt shop almost everywhere! How many probiotics are in yogurt? The answer varies, depending on the type of yogurt itself. But most will have 4 kinds of good bacteria. That’s already a fourth of what you need!

Is there any side effect?

Probiotics are generally very healthy and safe. Problems caused by probiotics are quite rare. You can consume probiotics every day. Keep in mind, those who didn’t consume enough probiotics may experience some discomfort when they start consuming probiotics daily. If this happens to you, it’s because your guts aren’t used to that much probiotics. It’s mostly just a minor discomfort like feeling bloated or abdominal discomfort. And these cases are extremely rare, so you don’t need to worry about that!

It all starts in your gut

Having a healthy gut is the key to an overall healthy body. It’s the core of your digestive and immune system, which is why probiotics are good in the first place. Vitamins and minerals are crucial, but you should never forget about probiotics. Other than that, make sure you balance it up with a healthy lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to get enough rest and do yoga daily for maximum benefits!

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