6 reasons to attend a yoga conference

Raise your hand if you’ve seen ads about a yoga conference in town. As the sport gains more popularity, these events spread more across the country. And if you think yoga conferences are only for experienced yogis, you couldn’t be more wrong! If anything, they are highly recommended for newbies or even those who have never tried yoga before. On top of all reasons to attend a yoga conference, newbies can benefit from the choices presented. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to take a closer look!
6 reasons to attend a yoga conference

1. Choices of yoga styles you can follow

In most yoga conferences, you have the chance to join as many yoga classes as you can. They usually come in different styles too. This is a great chance for newbies to ask around, see how each style goes, and even better: try every style available! This way, you don’t have to walk into a gym and commit to several sessions just to figure out what you like best. Through a yoga conference, you get the chance to try before committing.

Experienced yogis, on the other hand, can experiment with other styles. If you’ve been wondering what’s the difference between Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga, try them both yourself in a yoga conference. Instead of going to different gyms, the options are presented right in front of you. All in one spot! Whether you’re looking for something new or just an alternative to spice things up, yoga conference is the perfect place to start.

2. Different teaching techniques you can explore

Besides the styles of yoga itself, each instructor has their own style of teaching. Some are fun and flowing, while others are more serious and intense. Even though you can see these styles from the instructors’ YouTube videos, experiencing it first hand in a class is totally different. Newbies should not just attend yoga conference, but try as many classes as they can, preferably from different instructors. Then, they can decide which teaching technique suits them best.

After reviewing and experiencing each teaching technique, you can choose your favorite. No need to waste your time trying each out at the gym anymore. You’ll know what you want and you’ll enjoy it from the very first session!

Those who have been practicing for a while should also try other teaching techniques. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you to switch gym or trainer. It’s just good to mix things up sometimes. We recommend not sticking to one yoga style and one trainer only. The more, the merrier!

3. A chance to meet a world-renowned practitioner

Do you know how much it costs to book a popular yoga instructor? For some, it’s almost as expensive as inviting a Hollywood actor! For just one session in a class, they may charge you over a hundred dollars. On top of that, not everyone can sign up for their regular classes as they are highly demanded. So when Gary Kraftsow or Kathryn Budig is featured in a yoga conference near you, you better sign up!

That being said, as a newbie, you probably don’t recognize any of their names. So, how does this benefit you? Well, these practitioners become world-renowned for a reason. And training with them is an experience you should not miss, especially when you don’t have to pay as high as usual!

4.    Free classes!

Yes, you read that right. Most yoga conferences offer classes for free! No charges! So what is there to lose? You will be spoiled by choices of class and instructors. Enjoy everything from the benefits of Hot Yoga to the deep soothing Yoga Nidra! We recommend signing up for all. Even if it turns out you don’t really like that particular yoga type or instructor, you’ll get a fun exercise for free.

5.    More than just yoga

Besides all these great classes, you get to explore a lot more during a yoga conference. When their class is not in session, you’ll often find yoga practitioners sharing their thoughts, stories, and tips, usually in conferences or talks. Those can be anything related to yoga or life in general. Surely, there’s something we can take away from them.

What do you think about shopping for yoga accessories after a rejuvenating class? That sounds like fun! It’s common to find yoga-related shops in a yoga conference. The best part is: they have everything from water bottles to yoga mats! All you need to optimize your yoga experience available in one spot. Even better, some shops are independent and offering homemade products, delivered straight from the maker. Make sure you bring enough bags for more souvenirs!

6.    Meeting other like-minded people

Last but not least is our favorite part of attending a yoga conference. This is where we can meet so many other yoga practitioners, from all kinds of levels. It gives us a chance to share our stories and meet new friends. Through yoga conferences, we have met like-minded people like you.

If this is the first step of your yoga journey, meeting these people will help a lot. They will gladly share tips for beginners. Or even better, you can gain friendship and get on this journey together! For those who have been doing yoga for years, this is your chance to broaden your network. Meet more people, gain more experience!

It’s time for you to attend a yoga conference

Now that you know all the benefits, there’s no more excuse not to attend a yoga conference. Next time you see the ads, call and sign up right away. And if you see us there, do say hello! If you prefer walking into a conference fully prepared, you can get some of the best yoga accessories on our website. Check out our catalog to see what you like, from yoga mats to yoga clothes, we have it all!

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