11 best yoga destinations in the world

Known as one of the oldest health practices in the world, yoga encompasses harmony of the mind, the body, and the environment. Some places in the world offer the right atmosphere to achieve this harmony. We are spoiled by options when it comes to where we should go for a more authentic yoga experience. Although it’s tough to choose, we’ve selected the best of the best to help you plan your next yoga retreat. Here are 11 best yoga destinations in the world, an entrance to your spiritual journey.
11 best yoga destinations in the world

1. Tulum, Mexico

Boasting across the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is not only known for its ancient Mayan ruins. Located 90 minutes away from Cancun, this beach town housed some of the best stops for a yoga retreat. Maya Tulum and Yoga Dicha are two of the very popular places. If you wish to go to a less crowded sanctuary, Sanara can be the best option as they offer a World Class wellness center. Its beachfront yoga studio is an atmosphere you’d want to bask yourself in.

To complete your yoga experience, local eateries will serve as a delight to your taste buds. Opt for the vegan taco by omitting the eggs or cheese and feed yourself a hearty meal. Head over to Burrito Amor for lunch and fix yourself their fulfilling vegan burrito. Wrapped inside are avocado, Chaya (Mayan spinach), black beans, rice, and cactus. The perfect meal to eat before or after yoga!

2. Taghazout, Morocco

Once as a fishing village, Taghazout is now known as one of the top destinations for surfers and yogis. Yoga by the seafront is one of the most popular and preferred activities one can do here. Lodgings like Paradis Plage and Marocsurfcamp Villa offer among the most popular yoga shalas in town. For a more secluded option, give Studio Kalananda a visit. Popular restaurants like L’Auberge and Taghazout Chez Titrite offer vegan-friendly menus. If you prefer all vegetarian food, you can come to Veggie Café.

3. Ibiza, Spain

Parallel to its title as the best place for partygoers, the many yoga retreats in Ibiza are the yin to the rave culture yang. While its clubland is what some people are looking to let loose, yoga shalas concealed in the middle of pine trees are the place for some others to unwind. The perfect example of this is Yogarosa Retreats. Seeking sanctuary by the sea breeze? Beyogi Ibiza is the perfect place to guide yourself to a mindful life.

We all know yoga isn’t only about exposing ourselves to a healthy practice. It’s all-encompassing as it guides you to make more conscious choices with everything you do. Some of the best restaurants in Ibiza have picked up this value as their ultimate model. An eco-conscious place like Aubergine is a must-go-to while you’re unwinding in Ibiza. Another terrific choice is Wild Beets, serving all the best plant-based dishes on their plate.

4. Ubud, Indonesia

Few people know that Ubud is a village nestled in Gianyar, a regency in Bali, Indonesia. Its popularity among world travelers is no doubt. Among them, more than half of are yogis in search of serenity. They’re not wrong, though, Ubud is recently crowned as one of the ‘best cities to visit’ in the world. This small village with its never-ending tranquil beauty serves as an incubator for wellness tenacity. Everywhere you go, the smell of aromatherapy and incense burning will follow.

To name a few, The Yoga Barn, Ubud Yoga House, Taksu Yoga, and Intuitive Flow are the best yoga shalas you can find in town. The Yoga Barn offers more than Ayuverdic treatments. Here you’re in for astrology sessions, Kirtan concerts (yoga of song), and many more. Topped your experience with their tasty vegan food in Garden Kafe. Or choose among these restaurants for your plant-based meals any day: Sawobali Vegan Buffet, Alchemy, Sage, Sayuri Healing Food, and Clear Café.

5. The Sacred Valley, Peru

There’s nothing like doing Asana pose while overlooking the ruins of Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru. The agriculture terrace which the Incas used to grow crops is a distinct sight to see. Sacred Valley is 15 km away from Cusco, a town which is an hour flight from Lima. Among the best retreats, you can find in this ancient town is Yoga Mandala Peru. Or if you’re in for a more luxurious space, you can choose either Willka T’ika or Source Peru.

A lot of Peruvian food is vegan and you can find them in your lodgings or with a simple trip around the town. Places like Shaman Vegan Raw Center and Restaurants, Green Point, and Vida Vegan Bistro offered delicious vegan food.

6. Rishikesh, India

Your yoga destinations wouldn’t be complete without visiting the birthplace of yoga. Rishikesh is a sacred town believed to be the yoga capital of the world. Nestled in the banks of holy Ganges River with the Himalayans foreshadowing the town, a trip to Rishikesh for a yogi is considered as a pilgrimage, knowing its history as one of the holiest places in India. Parmath Niketan (the biggest ashram in town), Anan Prakash Yoga Ashram, and Rishikesh Yog Peeth are a few among the many ashrams and yoga retreats you can find in the holy city.

While in India, the food is not something you should worry about since the majority of its people are vegan. Some of the best vegan restaurants here are Beatles Café, Soul Kitchen, Ramana’s Garden Organic Café, Café Bistro Nirvana, and Free Spirit Café.

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7. Silver Island, Greece

This privately-owned island belongs to the Christie family for over 50 years. During the Greece economic crisis, Lissa Christie was reluctant to sell the island despite many suggestions. With her husband and the help of volunteers, she then turned this lush olive green 60 acres of an island into an eco-conscious luxury retreat. Spending time in Silver Island demands a total disconnect from the world, starting off with no internet. Guests coming to the island aren’t allowed to bring their bottled shampoos or soaps. They will be provided biodegradable products instead. If you plan on bringing your own yoga mats, we recommend eco-friendly ones. Also, no electrical equipment allowed on the premises.

It doesn’t stop there. While taking a full-time rejuvenation, your only company is the other 9 guests. This will be the case to either make it or break it since you have to share it with one of the other guests. Each day you will have two yoga classes, one before dinner and the other before breakfast. This schedule changes every week, depending on the different visiting teachers.

8. Tofo, Mozambique

Dubbed as one of the most recent places for a yoga retreat, Tofo is a tiny beach town sitting 22 km away from Inhambane. Gaia Yoga Temple is ready to welcome anyone willing to experience the ultimate African holiday escapades. Another lodging best for beginner yogis is Turtle Cove yoga. Their yoga classes comprised of limited participants which is a suitable environment for you to focus on your learning. While you’re in Tofo, make sure to dine in Happi, Tofo Tofo Restaurant & Bar, and Sufi for your vegan choices.

9. Los Angeles, United States of America

The City of Angels precedes its reputation on yoga. Seeped in the early 1970s, you can easily find yoga studios all over the town up to this day. Some of the most popular are Bikram Yoga College of India, Liberation Yoga, and of course, YogaWorks. Offering up to 20 classes per day, these studios are here for you to make time between the hustle and bustle of your day.

10. Koh Samui, Thailand

Finding yoga retreats in Koh Samui is never a problem for anyone. This small island located in southern Thailand is tailor-made for wellness sanctuary. Whether you’re up for a drop-in class, on-site yoga class in a hotel, or a specific yoga retreat, Koh Samui has offers for everyone. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Absolute Sanctuary, and Vikasa Yoga Retreat are the perfect places for a full-time yoga retreat. While you’re on a retreat, don’t miss out on local vegan and vegetarian delicacies. You can find tasty plant-based meals in Halapua by Kapuhala, The Art Club, or Vegan Khunnai.

11. Montezuma, Costa Rica

Another place to carry on your spiritual journey in South America is this bohemian beach town in Costa Rica. Montezuma prides itself on its serene beaches and the grand scheme of nature. Fix some time and book a retreat in Montezuma Yoga or join a class in Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. While a retreat in Montezuma Yoga is included with meals, you might want to try other vegan dishes to entertain your taste buds. Head to Sano Banano or Café Organico for excellent plant-based-meals!

Begin your spiritual journey

While you’re entering a new chapter in life with a brand-new style or you want to take a break from the busy city life, make sure you visit one of the best yoga destinations in the world we mentioned. May you find your inner peace! Namaste.

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