10 reasons all yogis should practice on a cork yoga mat

We will never get tired of saying that yoga is not just a form of workout, but a journey. We’ve heard so many stories about how yoga changes lives. Through yoga, you can reconnect with your inner self while working on your betterment. On this note, we’d like to remind you how important it is to choose the right yoga mat. It’s not just a tool, but your main partner throughout this life-changing journey. All these years, we’ve tried different kinds of yoga mats. We’ve encountered the good and the bad until we finally met our perfect match. There’s no simple way to express how much we love practicing on a cork yoga mat. Through this article, we hope we can inspire you to do the same and learn more about the cork yoga mat benefits.

What is Cork Yoga Mat?

You’re probably familiar with wine corks. Yes, the simple and useful thing that keeps your favorite beverage fresh and intact. In some cases, it even enhances the wine aroma. Like wine corks, cork yoga mats are made of the outer layer of tree barks. It’s natural and eco-friendly. And there’s no doubt that it’s the most sustainable material ever used on a yoga mat. Even better, some are 100% recycled and renewable. Rest assured that cork yoga mats we recommend are non-toxic and cruelty-free. Besides all these awesomeness cork has to offer, there’s more! You’ll get tons of benefits if you choose this most eco-friendly yoga mat. Without further ado, here are the 10 reasons why you should practice on a cork yoga mat!
The benefits of a cork yoga mat

1. Good grip, completely safe

The grip is crucial when it comes to yoga practice. A good grip is what you want, especially for intense flowing yoga. You don’t want to have to adjust your position all the time as your hands or feet slip even just a little bit. It’s not just inconvenient, but also dangerous. Compromising grip means risking injuries. If you slip even during common poses such as the downward dog, you can hurt yourself. Let alone if you’re trying to achieve a Bakasana. Believe us, bruised knees and elbows are the least of your worry.

Thankfully, cork yoga mats come to the rescue. Tree barks are naturally filled with fiber, which gives more than enough traction to avoid slipping. Rest assured that it will keep you still and steady on every pose. This excellent level of grip also provides a good balance. Isn’t that what yoga is all about?

2. More sweat equals more grip

Good grip when it's dry, more grip when it's wet. Yes, you read that right! Thanks to its nature, cork yoga mats perform well under intense sweating. So well that it provides more grip as your sweats start to drip. This saves you a lot of trouble. Worrying about sweating and slipping off your mat? Yes, we've all been there. But not anymore! Practicing on a cork yoga mat encourages us to sweat more now.

3. Pleasant and warm surface

What good of a mat if it doesn’t make you feel good? If you just choose whatever yoga mat you find at the supermarket, how could you expect the best outcome of your practice? A good yoga mat should at least support your yoga experience, if not enhancing it. We dig dipper into this issue on “how to choose a yoga mat”.

A cork yoga mat has a distinctive texture that is pleasant to the skin. Even with a simple plain cork yoga mat, you can feel the difference. As it’s made of natural tree barks, a cork yoga mat also has a warm surface. So, even if you’re practicing on a winter day, your body won’t suffer from the cold tiles underneath your mat.

4. Odorless, helps you focus

We still remember our first days of yoga journey when we had to suffer from the rubbery or plastic smell of a yoga mat. Yes, we’ve been there too! Even our Savasana was compromised, let alone the child’s pose. How could you meditate with the unpleasant smell right beneath you?

Say goodbye to that problem with cork yoga mats. They are odorless by nature. If anything, you'll smell your perfume! This will help you focus throughout the entire session.

5. Naturally antibacterial

Cork yoga mat’s odorless feature comes naturally. There’s no added chemical or complicated process to make it so. It’s just the way it is! And what makes it odorless is the fact that cork has an antibacterial nature by itself. It’s also antimicrobial. Besides making it odorless, this feature makes cork yoga mats the most hygienic mat you can have.

6. Less cleaning needed

Since it doesn’t smell and naturally protect itself from bacteria, you don’t have to clean your cork yoga mat as often! Even after some intense yoga sessions, you won’t suffer from the damp smell most yoga mats usually have. Most of the time, you only need to let it air dry and let it self-clean. That being said, you still need to clean a cork yoga mat occasionally. We’ll guide you through the cleaning process ourselves! Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss this informative article.

7. Lightweight, easy to carry

Have you ever noticed how lightweight wine corks are? Well, since cork yoga mats are made of similar material, they share the same lightweight feature. Depending on the thickness, a cork yoga mat can be three times lighter than a regular yoga mat! With such convenience, you can carry it to a café right after your yoga class. No need to stop at home just to get rid of your stinky, damp, heavy mat.

If you have one of our printed mats such as the Mandala Cork Mat, you can also carry it as a fashion statement! Just attach it to your gym bag or use the strap. Having to carry a yoga mat has never been so easy.

8. You’re not killing trees!

Cork yoga mats are made of tree barks. It may have crossed your mind that we have to cut down trees to produce these mats. The good news is we don't! Cork yoga mats are made of the outer layer of tree barks. The tree itself remains intact, alive, and healthy. Shaving this outer layer encourages the tree to regenerate. And while it's regenerating, it absorbs more CO2, making the air healthier and more breathable. So instead of killing trees or hurting those, the production of cork yoga mats makes the trees’ lives better. That's what we call eco-friendly!

Rest assured that all of us at Yoga Matto believe in the importance of earth’s wellbeing. We promote sustainability. The balance between our health and the earth’s longevity is interconnecting. One cannot live without the other. Therefore, we only recommend the best yoga mats, not just for us Yogis, but also for the earth that we live in.

9. Ideal for any yoga

With such great balance, excellent grip, and self-cleaning nature, cork yoga mats are great for any kind of yoga at any level. We believe yoga is for everyone. And cork yoga mat can be the perfect match for everyone as well. From Yoga Nidra to intense flow, the cork yoga mat is the answer. Its odorless nature helps you meditate better. And the excellent grip is what you need to achieve those advanced poses.

The natural and neutral color also makes it versatile. It’s a great gift for all genders and generations. Whether it is their first time trying yoga or their fourth year into the journey, they’ll love it! And whether it is the eco-friendly features, the natural touch, the practical cork yoga mat benefits, everyone will have a reason to love cork yoga mat.

10. Best. Yoga Mat. Ever.

To sum everything up, the cork yoga mat is the best yoga mat ever. We know we’re not supposed to pick a favorite, but we can’t deny all the cork yoga mat benefits. These automatically put them on the top of the ladder. It looks good and feels good, what more you could ask for?

Even though they do look good, they don’t compromise quality. The best cork yoga mats are made durable and long-lasting. They can withstand daily use, even on the most intense yoga sessions.


Which Cork Yoga Mat are you?

Now you know how great a cork yoga mat is and all the benefits of cork yoga mats in general! So, it’s time to choose your perfect partner on this life-changing journey. Yoga Matto has curated a list of products you may like. Each has been handpicked for its quality and all the 10 reasons why you should practice on a cork yoga mat. After reading this, do take a look at our Cork Yoga Mat collections and see which one you like. See you on the next step of your journey!

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