11 best hotels for yoga

Yoga hotels have become popular choices, not just among yogis, but also travelers in general. Most of them are looking for the tranquility where no other hotel offers. The best hotels for yoga have features in common. Each provides various types of yoga classes, including private lessons. On-site, you'll find not only a yoga studio but also a wellness center where you can try different types of healing rituals and therapies. Also, they most likely include a spa where you can enjoy relaxation treatments, such as massages and facials, which enhance your spiritual journey.

There’s no doubt that you will find these hotels around the world. For your convenience, we pick only from the best yoga destinations in the world, from secluded places like Peru's Sacred Valley or Indonesia’s lush jungle, to a private island designated only for a yoga retreat!

11 best hotels for yoga 

11. Dewa Retreat - A Himalayan Boutique Hotel in Rishikesh, India

Dewa Retreat - A Himalayan Boutique Hotel is an excellent option for a yoga retreat. It features an outdoor pool, a beautiful garden, and a fitness and wellness center. There are several outdoor and indoor spots where you can meditate and practice yoga. And if you prefer, yoga courses are available at the Prana, the hotel's yoga & meditation studio. Each class is personalized and will vary depending on your skills and abilities. Nearby, you’ll find yoga studios such as the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Himalayan Yog Ashram, Laxman Jhulajmk, and the Ram Jhula. All of them are less than a mile away!

For those who want the complete healing experience, Ayurveda therapies are also available. At the Library & Outdoor Lounge, you can read any of the numerous books of Indian philosophy, yoga, and world literature. After a long day of yoga classes or exploring the town, visit the on-site spa where you'll find different types of massages and beauty treatments.

Looking for something healthy to eat? The hotel features two on-site restaurants that serve local cuisine made with fresh, healthy ingredients. The Sattvik serves Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine while overlooking the mountains. Meanwhile, Pure Soul Cafe & Organic Kitchen serves an organic wellness menu, perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

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10. Wilka T’ika in Urubamba, Peru

If you're looking for a yoga retreat at an eco-friendly hotel, Wilka T'ika is the option for you. Located in the Sacred Valley of Perú, it's a luxury boutique hotel that offers outstanding views of Machu Picchu and Cusco, Perú's historical Incan Capital. The location itself makes it one of the best hotels for yoga. It features seven chakras gardens that contain symbols, sculptures, medicinal plants, and figures that help you connect with the seven main energy centers of your body. They also offer perfect places for yoga and meditation. For your convenience, certified yoga teachers are here every day with yoga classes for both beginners and experts.

After a morning yoga session, enjoy hiking or visit any of the nearby cultural attractions. Healing therapies and spa treatments are also available. You can enjoy Andean massages, floral baths under the sun, facials with organic ingredients and medicinal herbs, and crystal light therapies. To complement your wellness journey, the on-site restaurant offers vegetarian dishes made with organic vegetables and locally sourced grains.

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9. Hotel Bel-Air - Dorchester Collection in Los Angeles, United States

Located in sunny Los Angeles, Hotel Bel-Air - Dorchester Collection is a 5-star luxury hotel. It features 12 acres of garden that provides a serene environment, perfect for yoga sessions and meditation. For those who want to improve their yoga skills, personalized classes with the hotel's certified instructor are available. Whether you just start your wellness journey or are already an expert, you will like the yin yoga and Vinyasa flow courses offered. But if you prefer to avoid crowds, each room has an outdoor space where you can stretch, flex, and meditate.

On-site, you'll find the luxurious Spa La Prairie, which makes the hotel one of the best hotels for yoga and spa treatments. It features seven treatment rooms, a sauna, a steam room, and a private nail salon. Among the spa amenities offered are facials, massages, body treatments with natural resources imported from Switzerland, and light therapy. Even better, you can enjoy some of these treatments in the comfort of your room. And when you're hungry, visit the on-site restaurant, the Wolfgang Puck. This award-winning restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh ingredients and artisanal cheeses.

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8. Destino Pacha Resort in Ibiza, Spain

When it comes to yoga retreats in Ibiza, Destino Pacha Resort is the place you should visit. It's a beachfront hotel that features an outdoor pool that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. But if you prefer complete privacy, suites, and apartments with private pools are also available. When it comes to yoga, the hotel offers outdoor sessions guided by an instructor. Enjoy a unique yoga experience with ocean views! For your convenience, the classes are scheduled at different hours to fit everyone's needs. The classes focus on detoxifying, purifying, and toning your organs and muscles with postures for both amateurs and experts.

And if you want an intense, sweaty session, visit the hotel's Bikram Yoga place. There's also an on-site spa where you can enjoy different treatments such as body scrubs, massages, facials, and beauty services. But what makes it one of the best hotels for yoga is the healthy menu offered. All of the dishes are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Even better, some of the products are from the hotel's vegetable and herb garden. And if you're a food enthusiast, try any of the Japanese, Mediterranean, and Central American dishes available.

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7. Turtle Cove Lodge and Yoga Shala in Tofo, Mozambique

Nestled in a forest of Tofo, Mozambique, the Turtle Cove Lodge & Yoga Shala features a rustic, hut design. Its location makes it the perfect destination for vacations, getaways, and yoga retreats. On-site, you can find a restaurant, bar, garden, and an outdoor pool. The restaurant serves a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, and healthy meals, perfect for your cleansing and healing journey. When visiting, make sure to try their smoothies, green juices, and vegan desserts. They're so good you can't miss them!

When it comes to yoga amenities, this hotel offers everything you need. The hotel’s Gaia Tree Yoga Shala provides you a peaceful place where you can meditate and join yoga classes. Daily classes for all levels are available while chanting and Sadhana sessions are hosted weekly. The most popular courses are Vinyasa flow, Acro yoga, and Kundalini yoga.

For those who want the complete relaxing experience, the hotel offers two 5-day retreats: “Healing Retreat and Yoga” and “Wellness Retreat." The Healing Retreat focuses on self-care habits, lineage healing, and the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Meanwhile, the latter offers you not only yoga sessions but also meditation practices, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling activities. Both retreats offer a unique spiritual experience.

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6. Silver Island Yoga in Greece

If you want the most secluded, tranquil yoga destination, Greece’s Silver Island Yoga is your answer. It's not only a hotel but a private island retreat. Yes! The whole island features a single hotel. Now that’s privacy! Only a maximum of 10 guests can stay at the hotel with just five rooms available. We also love that it's an eco-friendly hotel. Every amenity provided, including soaps and shampoos, is organic and doesn't produce waste. And to ensure your relaxation on your spiritual journey, electronics are not allowed.

Its location provides you with beautiful views of the ocean, especially during sunsets. But what makes it one of the best yoga hotels is the 6-day yoga program they offer. You start the day with healthy snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, and tea. Then get ready for a morning yoga session at the Shala that overlooks the sea. Enjoy a traditional Greek breakfast before joining any of the other activities available at the hotel. For those who prefer watersports, snorkeling and diving are available. But if you prefer land adventures, kayaking and hiking are also offered.

The second yoga session takes place after lunch, right before the sunset. Unlike the first one, it focuses more on meditation. Then you can enjoy dinner and a glass of organic wine under the moonlight. All of the meals served are vegetarian and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Even better, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free options are available upon request.

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5. Banburee Resort & All Spa Inclusive in Koh Samui, Thailand

Banburee Resort & All Spa Inclusive is a 4-star beachfront hotel situated in Koh Samui, Thailand. It features a secluded location in front of Laem Set Beach. The hotel has a two-level outdoor pool that overlooks the ocean, providing you with stunning views while swimming. The on-site spa offers traditional treatments such as massages, body scrubs, facials, and a sauna. However, it's also a clinic where wellness specialists provide Asian Ayurveda healing therapies, Thai therapies, and traditional Chinese medicines. Hence, the hotel holds the title of leading holistic wellness and health.

Different types of yoga classes are available every day. Regardless of your experience level, you'll find a course that works for you. Hatha, Yin, and Ashtanga yoga are also available. Even better, each session finishes with stretching and a relaxing massage. Supreme relaxation is guaranteed! For gym enthusiasts, Pilates and body toning classes are available from Monday through Friday. When it comes to food, the resort offers more than enough. At Canna Restaurant, you'll find a wide variety of home-made healthy dishes. And you can request Halal options. All this convenience makes it one of the best hotels for yoga in the world.

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4. Shambala Petit Hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is the home to some of the best hotels for yoga. And the Shambala Petit Hotel is one of them. It's a beachfront hotel that features traditional buildings with thatched roofs, providing a relaxing ambient. The on-site Yoga Studio overlooks one of the best beaches in the country. Different kinds of yoga courses and retreats are available. Pick any that suits your skills and expertise level!

The hotel's yoga retreats focus on both physical and mental healing. You learn not only new yoga poses and routines but also meditation and breathing techniques. For those who enjoy outdoors, yoga classes on the beach are ideal. Most of the rooms are huts and provide you an outdoor space where you can meditate, practice yoga, or enjoy the ocean view. After a long day of exercising, visit any of the nearby Mayan Ruins or crystal-clear cenotes.

You can also enjoy spa treatments such as body wraps, scrubs, facials, and massages. And between the yoga sessions, you can go swimming at the hotel's infinity pool or snorkeling, diving, and cycling around the premise. The meals served are made with fresh products, and for your convenience, vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

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3. Anamaya Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Anamaya Resort, located in Montezuma, Costa Rica, is the perfect mountain yoga hotel. It offers views of the Montezuma Beach, with mountains and gardens that surround it. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool located on a hill that overlooks the ocean. Swim while enjoying some of the prettiest ocean views!

The resort provides a 7-day retreat where you can join ten yoga classes. Each class is different, and they incorporate different types of yoga, such as Ying Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and much more. The retreat also has six different packages that fit everyone's needs. Adventurers, go for the Yoga & Adventure or the Yoga & Surfing packages. With these, you can go zip lining and surfing. Five surf lessons are included for beginners as well.

The other packages focus on massages and spa treatments. For instance, Yoga & Rejuvenation package includes two 1-hour massages. Food-wise, the on-site restaurant serves buffet breakfast and à la carte meals for lunch and dinner. And when requested, special diet meals are available.

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2. Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa in Taghazout, Morocco

If you're looking for the perfect yoga hotel in Morocco, Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa is the one. Located in Taghazout, it's a beachfront hotel that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It features an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace that provides beautiful ocean and garden views, and five on-site restaurants. The Chiringuito, Philosophy, and L'Ocean restaurants serve healthy meals made with fresh, locally sourced products and seasonal fruits. Even better, L'Ocean offers a vegan and vegetarian menu. Meanwhile, The Lounge serves Mediterranean lunch dishes, and The 27 offers à la carte dinner options.  

But what makes it one of the best hotels for yoga is the unique yoga course available. It features three yoga classes per day, one at sunrise, one before lunch, and one at sunset. Sunrise yoga focuses on sun salutations and practicing breathing in an active flow. The noon yoga, also called Sense of Yoga, is more dynamic, and each student decides what routines and postures they want to try. Lastly, sunset yoga focuses on Yin Yoga and features a more laid-back ambient. The session's goal is to relax your body and mind to achieve more flexibility. However, for those who are interested, a private, personalized lesson is also available.

To make sure you experience ultimate comfort, the hotel offers numerous spa treatments. You can enjoy massages, waxing services, facials, body scrubs, a Jacuzzi, and much more. Everything is available on site!

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1. Fivelements Retreat Bali in Bali, Indonesia

Fivelements Retreat Bali, located along the Ayung River in Ubud, is a 4-star forest yoga hotel. The tropical greenery that surrounds it provides you with the most peaceful, calming ambient perfect for yogis. It's also an eco-friendly hotel. All you need is your eco-friendly yoga mat to fit the theme.

For your enjoyment, it has an outdoor pool and a vegetarian restaurant that overlooks the river. Perfect for a romantic dinner at sunset! It also serves Indonesian and Western cuisine for those who aren't vegetarian. And if you prefer, room service is available too.

The rooms and villas feature an open-concept, and all of them have private balconies where you can meditate. Also, some of them have private bathtubs for you to enjoy floral and herbal baths. The on-site healing center, Puri Ahimsa, offers beauty and healing rituals, organic baths, skincare facials, chakra balancing sessions, and healing massages from certified therapists. Even better, all of the products used are made from all-natural and superfood ingredients, mostly grown in the hotel's gardens.

When it comes to yoga, several classes are available. Depending on your interests, experience, and abilities, various courses are available. Most of them start at 8 in the morning, last around 90 minutes, and end with a Sakti Green Energy Smoothie. For those who want to reach calmness through movement and breathing, the Yoga Synergy class is available. And if you want a more in-depth course, the Integrative Kundalini features a holistic approach to yoga through postures, mantras, meditation, and breathing techniques. The hotel's location is secluded, providing the ultimate retreat experience. After all, it's the best of the best hotels for yoga.

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