Why is a cork yoga mat the perfect mat for hot yoga

In recent years with more and more people discovering the benefits of yoga there has been an explosion in its popularity. Quite naturally, any activity that becomes popular soon has a whole range of equipment and gear flooding the market. With such a wide variety of yoga mats available, consumers are often quite confused as to the right choice. While the tried and tested mats work just fine for most yoga styles, a cork yoga mat is perfect for hot yoga.

The benefits of cork yoga mats are numerous and it’s generally recommended that yogis should practice on a cork yoga mat. For one, these mats are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They’re also extremely durable. Selecting the best cork yoga mat for hot yoga may be a tad difficult though as cork yoga mats are generally the best. If you know how to choose a yoga mat, you cannot go wrong with the style of yoga that you use it for. However, why cork yoga mat is perfect for hot yoga is due to several reasons enumerated below.

why is a cork yoga mat the perfect mat for hot yoga

Cork is anti-slip

Hot yoga is all about working up a sweat. Very often when going through the hot yoga poses, people tend to slip because of the smoothness of the yoga mat. Here’s where the benefits of a cork yoga mat for hot yoga kick in. Although cork appears to be smooth, it provides a lot of traction. The reason being that cork does not absorb water. Instead, it releases a waterproofing waxy substance called suberin when wet, which enhances the grip of the mat. Cork is made from the bark of a tree and has natural fiber. When you sweat, the micro-holes present in cork prevent the sweat from collecting on the mat. So no matter how much you sweat it out during hot yoga, you won’t have to worry about slipping.


Cork never folds or bunches up

Another danger of using the wrong yoga mat for hot yoga is bunching up. A mat that is not steady may move when you drag your feet during certain poses. The rigidity that a cork yoga mat provides is quite unparalleled to any other. No matter how rigorous or ‘sweaty’ your practice is you can be assured that the mat will stay in place.


Cork is antibacterial

Cork is naturally antibacterial which means that it prevents germs from sticking to the mat. It also prevents bad odors. Since cork mats dry up quickly and don’t retain sweat, you can be sure that germs won’t accumulate either. Sweat can easily attract bacteria and if the mat is not cleaned properly it can cause more harm than good. The great thing about the best cork yoga mat for hot yoga is that you won’t have to stress about bacteria building up after your ‘hot’ session.


Cork is high performance

Whether you’re using a cork yoga mat for hot yoga or any other types of yoga you can be sure that it will go the distance. It has plenty of traction whether wet or dry and creates the perfect balance for any style. Added to that, the level of comfort that a cork yoga mat offers is excellent. However, like anything that you use, it’s important to keep it clean to extend the durability. If you’re using a cork yoga mat on a daily basis for hot yoga, it’s important to wipe it clean after every session. Be careful to dry the mat out before rolling it for storage to prevent its surface from getting damaged.

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